From a backbencher who was every teacher’s nightmare to a graduate from a film school where even Spielberg got rejected thrice, my journey has been an artist’s delight. I started off as an IT Engineer in Bengaluru, my hometown. In the first two years of college, I learned two things. One, engineering was not something I was doing with all my heart. And two, (much to my parents’ dismay) if not rich, I’d at least be a happy man if I made photographs for the rest of my life. But like any responsible Indian child, I finished my degree in 2009 (in all sincerity, to my surprise!). And then went ahead to pursue photography full time.

“Every element in the frame is important. If it doesn’t add to the picture, or the story, then it shouldn’t be there. So use your viewfinder to observe, and give yourself a few seconds to quickly glance through every element in the frame. Patience is key!”

Do not listen to anybody, listen to yourself, go after whatever you wanna do. Put blinders on and go full force.

I want to show the world my own view of a scene that is always in mind. Cause everybody has a different view or focus on different parts that will make it kind of unique.

Promote the photographer not the photography. Do what you need to do to make people want ‘your’ photos, not just photos a person to take photos.

Connect with your subject! Connecting with your subject and understanding them is most important.

Practice is the key, take pictures every possible day, you will get better at it. Also there is nothing right and wrong in art.

If you have a big goal or task, don’t get overwhelmed, just focus on each little task and chip away.

Don't love Photography. Love what you photograph. Only then will your images reach out and touch someone.

Search for true emotion and make your subject feel your image when they see it. It makes the image priceless to at least them.

My advice would be to not give up, no matter the failures, no matter the mistakes. Learn from them, pick yourself up, move on!

The most important thing is to find the one thing you are really talented for and whatever happens never give up to reach your goal, be stronger after every failure! Talent alone is not enough to succ

Following your instincts eliminates second-guessing your choices and helps artists discover what’s possible

Keep at it. Consistent - good - work pays off. There's huge value in keeping at it - photography has a craft element that is much like other crafts; you get better at it over time. Work with your hand

We need to keep learning nonstop, the never ending process, and to improve ourselves.

Say something with your images. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be better than a good photographer you need to find what your voice is and to say something through your photographs.

Find the way to feed your passion. Never stop learning, always improve yourself and place new targets to make yourself better the best.

The camera is only a medium. The connection is between your vision and light, color, contrast and composition.

An Image should trigger emotion. Intent is everything, captured by a single subject in multiple frames or a single frame composed of a hundred subjects.

Forget motivation, instead cultivate discipline. You don’t need a mindset or an emotional state to do what you need to do. Just separate your moods and feelings from the task at hand and get things

Your photos are like wine, they get better with age, but you have to keep clicking more and preserve them.

To be brutal in selections and to speak to experienced and cooperative photographers, who can help you build a strong portfolio.

Photography is a journey of passion . To success one must keep honing their skills , and more importantly keep persevering even when times are tough

There are a ton of stories waiting to be told. First find one that inspires you and is bursting to get out of you and then find a medium to tell it in. If you know What you want to tell then Finding t

Take your business and make it separate from your personal life. It’ll make it easier down the road. It is really hard to not take work with you home all the time.

It's very important for every artist to go through their own journey and bring back those experiences into their artwork. This will truly give them an identity and individuality.

You have to continually fall in love with photography, over and over again, it is like anything in life, it’ll be hard but it’ll be worth it, so keep pushing forward.

As a concert photographer finding the right people to connect with has got me into concerts that are otherwise hard to get access to and, got me on tours and many times on stage or backstage.